Private Girls’ Schools: What You Need To Know

High school is indeed a very vulnerable time in your daughter’s life. She is entering puberty, her body changes, she is finding herself, she has conflicting emotions, her hormones are raging, she is learning to adapt and be comfortable with her body, she may face a couple of disorders and esteem issues and she will also seek for constant approval from others. In short, life is tough.  So how will sending your daughter to an all-girls school help? Sending her to an all-girls school will not stop nature from doing its thing but it will surely help your daughter to mingle with others who go through the same thing and will help her overpower her weakness and gain confidence in herself.


All girls environment will give your daughter a strong sense of community and bond. These high schools are generally quite academically demanding. Your daughter will learn to handle all sorts of pressure and work her way through it with grace and poise. It will help her to keep going at it strongly because she has other people doing with it. This will highly encourage her. Striving hard will also help her to make friends and do well.

Community Service

Many privates schools demand that each individual must do a minimum amount of community service each semester. This is something most girls resent doing initially, but as they grow they will understand the significance of community service. It will help her develop skills that she is passionate about.


Most girls feel like they must wear makeup to school every day, especially in co-ed schools. This could be to show off or impress. Going to an all-girls high school will prove that makeup does not define appearance. In an all-girls school, they do not have to feel pressured to wear makeup and will gradually regain their confidence. You children will not feel uncomfortable because almost no-one will wear makeup. This also helps the student to remove her attention from makeup and put into a beneficial cause. Once high school is over, your daughter will realize that makeup is used to accentuate her features.

Self Esteem And Confidence

A learning experience without make-up, boys and flashy clothes take way anxiety and insecurity. With no male species to impress, girls feel more confident with their natural state and tend to favor it more. Once she feels more confident, she will speak her mind in class and will form better relationships with others. This might also improve her leadership skills and confidence. Most Brisbane girls private schools encourage this attitude.


Uniforms are generally known as pain and quite uncomfortable. However, the truth is that it is the most comfortable attire for a school. Nobody has to feel pressured, there is no showing off or embarrassing anyone due to their choice of attire. When everyone is dressed in uniforms it dissolves insecurity. School becomes less of the latest piece of clothing and becomes more of personality, acceptance, confidence, and comfort. 

The one downside to attending an all-girls private school is the expense. However, time and money is knowledge.

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