Must-Have Items for More Comfortable Flights

Not everyone can stay comfortable especially on long flights. Some people get bored during this time while others simply don’t feel that much comfortable being in the air cabin for a long time. Since vacation season is almost here, it can’t be helped that we need to travel to visit our loved ones or go out on a holiday trip. If the thought of riding an airplane isn’t that bearable for you, here are the must=have items you need to pack to make air travel more comfortable and bearable.

Reusable Coffee Cup

For coffee lovers, this one is truly a must-have in every travel. Once you get past the security check, you can fill it up with your favourite drink and enjoy it while waiting or bring it with you on the flight. Instead of carrying your drink in the usual disposable coffee cups, try eco-friendly coffee cups and enjoy your favourite drink without the burden of adding more to the global trash problem. Aside from that, you could also use it as a glass for other drinks like water.

Portable Charger

While some planes have in-seat electrical plugs, not all of them have it. If you’re going on a long flight, it is best to pack a portable charger to keep your devices charged throughout the flight and keep your entertainment going especially during those boring times in the air cabin.

Sleeping Mask

It is common to feel sleepy and fall asleep during a long flight. However, there are instances when falling asleep is difficult due to the difference in lighting. Bringing a sleep mask is a must-have especially on long flights when you need to take some rest. If you’re feeling sleepy, simply put the eye mask on and have a more comfortable sleep while shutting out the brightness of the cabin lights.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Since it is a closed space, planes can get really noisy – from the normal plane sounds to the noise people around make. All those noisesare a nuisance especially when you’re trying to sleep or just want to enjoy watching your favourite movie. Taking noise cancelling headphones is the best solution to this. It shuts out all the noise making you enjoy your movie more or fall asleep more comfortably while listening to your favourite music.

Chewing Gum

The air pressure during take-off and landing causes an uncomfortable pop in the ears but it is all a normal part of plane travel. Chewing gum during this time helps a lot in dealing with the uncomfortable ear pressure pain, making it a must-have on any flight. There are plenty of different flavours to choose from and you could surely find one that suits your taste preference.


Airplanes tend to feel a bit colder than the usual comfortable temperature. Since it can be hard to get airplane temperature just the way you like it, a scarf can help keep you warm during the trip. You can wrap it around your neck for more warmth and it could also double as a blanket while you sleep during the flight.

With those must-have items, your air travel will surely be more comfortable and bearable no matter how long the flight is.

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